1455929_10152094429892065_175352911_n Pushing the edge of social consciousness, championing the call of manhood – Renowned poet, author and motivational speaker, Varion “ Se7en the Poet” Howard is progressing mind frames in a style and flare that is all his own. He is an outstanding storyteller who entices with prose perfectly pitched to the voice and rhythm of today’s society. Se7en’s poetry has the ability to pull the chords of our souls making us laugh, cry and look deep within. This undeniable ability truly makes him a rare jewel. Se7en is developing a platform not only to inspire but to be inspired. He is constantly elevating himself not only through poetic art forms but also through his community outreach and ability to positively influence others.  Originating from Houston’s Southside, Se7en’s prominent and prolific voice has established him as a sought after speaker and entertainer. Se7en – Houston’s motivational diamond in the rough – is a graduate of Prairie View A&M University with undergraduate dual degrees in Psychology and Social Work and a Master’s degree in Counseling.  His upbringing, educational background and passion for his community give way for him to speak on life as it evolves. He creates unforgettable moments with poems like “the Jesus Piece” as well as raw, edgy, uncut poems like “Toy Story”. His versatility, humility, and fierce stage presence captivates audiences and leaves them with thought provoking conversation pieces. Each one of Se7en’s albums includes a generous mix of soulful and conscientious poetry that delves into issues affecting everyday life and leads audiences to think introspectively about personal issues and experiences that affect them such as inspiration, envy, faith and love. Se7en’s infectious stage presence coupled with his intellect has positioned him to change the way people experience poetry and spoken word. “My goal is to bring poetry to the fore of entertainment. I want people to recognize poetry as a genre of entertainment that not only stands alone, but stands the test of time.“ Continuing to brand his raw and riveting talent of words and insight, Se7en is featured on season 3 of the NAACP Image Award nominated Lexus Versus and Flow show premiering September 11, 2013 on TvOne.  Se7en is the proprietor and host of the longest running open mic poetry set in Houston Texas. Poetic verses and the experience of spoken word can be heard weekly at Poetry Lounge Sundays at BamBoo in Rice Village.